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Relationship between morphological characteristics and production of Artemisia aucheri in mountain rangelands

Javad Motamedi; Esmaeil Sheidai Karkaj; Azizeh Babazadeh; Morteza Mofidi Chelan

Volume 29, Issue 2 , July 2022, , Pages 166-175

  One of the objectives in rangeland management is the accurate and rapid determination of forage production to determine grazing capacity. The relationship between forage production and morphological characteristics was investigated in this study. For this purpose, two grazed and non-grazed units were ...  Read More

Investigation the relationship between forage production and canopy of plant species in semi-steppe rangelands of Zagheh, Lorestan

Reza Chamanpira; Reza Siahmansour; Hossein Arzani

Volume 27, Issue 2 , June 2020, , Pages 204-214

  One of the main goals of rangeland assessment is to obtain the amount of forage production of rangeland species because it plays an essential role in determining rangeland capacity and grazing management. Measuring the amount of production requires a lot of time and costs, so finding cheap, fast and ...  Read More

A model for estimating long-term grazing capacity

Javad Moetamedi; Hosein Arzani; Mohammad Jafari; Mehdi Farahpour; Mohammad Ali Zarechahouki

Volume 26, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 241-259

       The calculation of the grazing capacity requires the consideration of factors affecting it. Due to the effective factors, the long-term grazing capacity model was designed, and then the capacity of the rangelands was calculated. Grazing capacity was calculated by the proposed ...  Read More

Estimating the production of Artemisia siberi through the measurement of plant’s dimensions (Case study: southwest Sabzevar)

Yaser Ghasemi Aryan; Hossein Arzani; Esmaiel Filekesh; Reza Yari

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2013, , Pages 1-10

  Determination of grazing capacity is considered as one of the most fundamental aspects of range management and understanding the effective factors on it is of utmost importance. Since the amount of forage production in a growth period is the basis for calculation of grazing capacity, in this research ...  Read More

Evaluation of forage production accessibility with considering effective factors using RS and GIS

Jahan bakhsh Pairanj; Ata... Ebrahimi; Abalfazl Ranjbar; Mohammad Hasan zadeh

Volume 18, Issue 4 , September 2012, , Pages 593-607

  Evaluation of forage production is an important issue in determining grazing capacity of rangelands. There is no doubt that all forage production in rangelands is not evenly accessible and different factors affect the accessibility of forage. In this research, factors affecting forage availability were ...  Read More

Comparison of forage quality of 2 range species, Artemisia aucheri and Peteropyron aucheri under water spreading and control condition in Herat station, Yazd province

Aman Rahbar; Ali Mir jalili; Naser Baghestani Meybodi

Volume 14, Issue 4 , February 2008, , Pages 579-588

  Knowing forage quality is necessary for assigning grazing capacity in range management program. For this aim, forage quality of two dominant range plants, Artemisia aucheri, and Peteropyron aucheri were studied in water spreading area of Heart station in Yazd province. Plant samples taken for two subsequent ...  Read More