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The effect of different priming pretreatments on the morphological and physiological traits of two species of Sanguisorba minor and Elymus hispidus in short-term greenhouse conditions

Ali Farahani; Ali Tavili; Hosein Arzani; Hosein Azarnivand; Aliashraf Jafari

Volume 30, Issue 2 , September 2023, , Pages 214-229

  Background and objectives The germination and establishment of plants resistant to drought is one of the most important and effective aspects of rangeland improvement. Investigating changes in rangeland species' morphological and physiological characteristics under different pretreatments under ...  Read More

Effects of mineral biochar on soil properties and vegetative growth of Fortuynia bungei, Calligonum comosum, and Ziziphus spina-christi

Abbas Darini; Mohammad Jafari; Ali Tavili; Hosein Arzani; Seyed Akbar Javadi

Volume 30, Issue 2 , September 2023, , Pages 318-334

  Background and objectives Although man-made biochars positively affect soil properties and plant performance, their preparation and use, especially on a large scale, are costly. On the other hand, mineral biochar can be considered an alternative method. However, there is no information about the ...  Read More

Short term grazing capacity of Middle Taleghan rangelands

Mahdokht Allahmoradi; Hosein Arzani; Ali Tavili

Volume 27, Issue 1 , April 2020, , Pages 13-23

  Determining grazing capacity of rangelands is one of the main factors in range management so that, regarding this important factor, is one the main causes of range degradation in Iran. Middle Taleghan rangelands have utilized for many years thus, there aren’t preserved from degradation. The aim ...  Read More

Estimating the production of Artemisia siberi through the measurement of plant’s dimensions (Case study: southwest Sabzevar)

Yaser Ghasemi Aryan; Hossein Arzani; Esmaiel Filekesh; Reza Yari

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2013, , Pages 1-10

  Determination of grazing capacity is considered as one of the most fundamental aspects of range management and understanding the effective factors on it is of utmost importance. Since the amount of forage production in a growth period is the basis for calculation of grazing capacity, in this research ...  Read More

Range suitability model for common use of sheep and goats

Fazel Amiri; Hossein Arzani

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2013, , Pages 50-71

  Range inventory is the recognition and evaluation of potential and actual production in order to take optimal utilization of this valuable natural resource. In this research, range suitability model for common use was determined by FAO (1991) and GIS with consideration of factors that affect the range ...  Read More