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Operation changes in rangeland due to rangeland management (Sabzevar rangelands)

Mahshid Souri; Mohammad Fayaz; Nadia Kamali; Saeedeh Nateghi

Volume 25, Issue 4 , February 2019, , Pages 911-922

       The main objective of this research was to evaluate vegetation changes and soil indicators in the Kalat Sadat Sabzevar area under rangeland management practices. Vegetation factors including plant species production, vegetation cover, cover percentage, litter percentage, plant ...  Read More

Rangeland suitability model for sheep grazing in Chahtalkh-sabzevar Rangelands

Yaser Ghasemi Arian; Hosein Azarnivand; Firoozeh Moghimi Nejad; Mohammad Jafary; Esmaiel Filekesh

Volume 21, Issue 3 , December 2014, , Pages 394-408

  This research was aimed to determine the rangeland suitability for sheep grazing in Chahtalkh-Sabzevar rangelands using FAO (1990) method. Initially, the DGN maps, including six sheets of 1:25000, topographic map of 1:50000, and geological map of 1:100000 of the study area were prepared and the vegetation ...  Read More

Estimating the production of Artemisia siberi through the measurement of plant’s dimensions (Case study: southwest Sabzevar)

Yaser Ghasemi Aryan; Hossein Arzani; Esmaiel Filekesh; Reza Yari

Volume 20, Issue 1 , June 2013, , Pages 1-10

  Determination of grazing capacity is considered as one of the most fundamental aspects of range management and understanding the effective factors on it is of utmost importance. Since the amount of forage production in a growth period is the basis for calculation of grazing capacity, in this research ...  Read More

Investigation on the effects of Phenological Stages on Forage Quality and Soluble Carbohydrates in Salsola arbuscula and Salsola richteri species in Saline Rangelands of Sabzevar

Ghasemali Dianati Tilaki; Maryam Haidarian Aghakhani; Esmaeil Filehkesh; Ali asghar Naghipour Borj

Volume 18, Issue 4 , September 2012, , Pages 652-661

  Determination of forage quality of range plants is one of the fundamental factors for evaluating grazing capacity. There are spatial and temporal variations in forage quality of range species. In this study, samples from two halophyte species including Salsola arbuscula and Salsola richteri were collected ...  Read More

Determination of lands affected by desertificatin using near and remote sensing in Sabzevar desert area.

Abolghasem Dadrasi Sabzavari; Mojtaba Pakparvar

Volume 14, Issue 1 , January 2007, , Pages 33-52

  Desertification is one of the most difficult issues which has been taken into consideration in the world. The  main objective of this study is determination of lands affected by desertification using remote sensing and geographic information systems, in Sabzevar. To meet the objective, Satellite ...  Read More

Investigation The Best of Time & Method Planting Eurotia ceratoides (L.) in region of Sabzevar

Esmayil filehkesh; Gholam ali Gazanchian; Abbas Aliabadi; Hosein Farzaneh; Ebrahim Sadegh zadeh

Volume 13, Issue 2 , February 2006, , Pages 109-115

  The degradation trend and descending capacity of Iran’s renge lands due to lack of regular policy and programming in it’s usage, increasing of population, food and protein requirements, are some of problems that turned the ammenment and improvement of rangelands as an essential problem for ...  Read More